Char Koay Teow SS3 0

Char koay teow

The koay teow is fried just nice — not too wet and not too dry. The colour is just nice and the koay teow is still in strips.

Banana Tic Tac 0

Tic Tac

Last week, I was in a convenience store near my office when I saw the Tic Tac displayed on the counter. I was immediately reminded of my childhood days. And yes, it’s been a...


Calls from banks

I’m sure we’re been cautioned many times against replying to emails claiming to be from banks, etc… But what about phone calls? On several occasions, I have received calls from banks. It goes something...

Crane incident 0

Crane incident

Saw the crane arm broke right before my eyes today… Don’t look like anyone’s injured. But it’s scary because it could have potentially hit and/ or killed someone. Construction areas are becoming really dangerous...

Xiaomi Mi Band Pulse 0

Xiaomi Mi Band Pulse (heart rate monitor) [updated]

…Gadgets that can monitor our health (or well-being) is going to be something that will be “mainstream”. I believe that over the next 1-2 years, there will be so much of improvement in this area that most of us will end up owning some sort of gadget that can help us monitor our well-being…

Batman V Superman enhanced with Dolby Atmos invites 0

Batman V Superman: A Dolby Atmos experience

Got myself two invites to the Batman V Superman (enhanced with Dolby Atmos) screening, courtesy of GSC. Dolby Atmos is an audio technology by Dolby that enables immersive audio experience and allows up to...