About religion

Religion is a wonderful thing. It gives hope to people. It showers people with love. It gives us comfort. All religion preaches loving one another.



Seems UK has decided to leave the European Union. Did people vote out of fear and hate?

OnePlus 3 - It's about time 0

OnePlus 3

OnePlus has just announced their new smartphone – OnePlus 3. From what I have read and seen on reviews, the OnePlus 3 seems impressive.


Controller for VR (Virtual Reality)

With VR (Virtual Reality) and also AR (Augmented Reality) becoming more popular and relevant, the next thing to look at should be how we can manipulate things. Sadly, there is not a lot of...

Dumpling at Gaia Veggie Shop, Hong Kong 0

Food in Hong Kong

Two nice vegetarian dishes I had at this place called Gaia Veggie Shop in Hong Kong…