Monthly Archive: September 2015

Main entrance of the Palace of the Golden Horses 0

Palace of the Golden Horses

Back in July, we were offered a room at the Palace of the Golden Horses by my sister-in-law. We promptly accepted the offer since we figured it might be a good idea to let...


Sprained back

Don’t know how I managed to do it… But it is hurting like… Heck. Never had such a bad sprained back before. *sigh*


The generous family

We were at Jusco Aeon Bukit Raja and getting ready to leave. The backache that started this morning was getting a bit unbearable for me. I walked over to the payment machine to pay...

C65 Bluetooth speaker 0

Affordable C65 Bluetooth speaker

A few weeks ago, we were taking a walk at Malaysia’s longest pasar malam (night market) in Setia Alam when the loud music from one stall attracted Gabriel’s attention. We walked over to check...


Not a financially good year

This is not a good year for many Malaysians. GST came into effect in April this year at 6%. And now… Exchange rate of 4.3 against the USD. Very sure it was only about...


Tesla, Elon Musk and Ludicrous speed

I have heard a lot about Tesla. I had seen reviews of the Tesla Model S and would love to own one (specifically, the P85D variant). I like the idea of a Tesla Powerwall...