Monthly Archive: November 2015

Snow in Korea 0


Taken with Samsung Galaxy Note II.

T-Card in Korea 0


See: Taken with Samsung Galaxy Note II.

Hoverboard 0

The Hoverboard

The “hoverboard” is all the rage this year. It is the “name” given to a device that looks like this: It’s actually a self-balancing two-wheeled board. I’m actually very interested as well. I think...


My ideal phone….

…Would have at least 5.7″ fullHD screen and bezels that are not too big. OK, something the size of Samsung Galaxy Note 4. Have 4GB RAM. 64GB internal storage… And microSD slot for even...


Everything as a service

I am a believer of this “service” movement. Over the last few years, we have seen a paradigm shift, with more things being sold as a service. What started off as an “internet thing”...