Monthly Archive: April 2016


Calls from banks

I’m sure we’re been cautioned many times against replying to emails claiming to be from banks, etc… But what about phone calls? On several occasions, I have received calls from banks. It goes something...

Crane incident 0

Crane incident

Saw the crane arm broke right before my eyes today… Don’t look like anyone’s injured. But it’s scary because it could have potentially hit and/ or killed someone. Construction areas are becoming really dangerous...

Xiaomi Mi Band Pulse 0

Xiaomi Mi Band Pulse (heart rate monitor) [updated]

…Gadgets that can monitor our health (or well-being) is going to be something that will be “mainstream”. I believe that over the next 1-2 years, there will be so much of improvement in this area that most of us will end up owning some sort of gadget that can help us monitor our well-being…