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Kurata & Megabot 0

Mega Robot Fight is on!

Challenge accepted! The Challenge: Also see:

Flat tyre 0

Flat tyre

Not again… *sigh Dad: Ouch, there goes the tyre… Boy 1: Quick, quick… Call the tow truck Boy 2: Ya, call tow truck. They can help. Dad: OK… So, what’s the phone number? Boy...


Dear White 5055

Dear White 5055, It is 7th July 2015. It rained a bit this morning. It caused the roads to be wet and slippery. It caused people to be late for school and work. Your...


OnePlus 2 is coming soon

OnePlus 2 is coming soon. OnePlus is currently teasing everyone with bits of information about their next phone. You can check them out here:


Slowing down on the updates

I will have to slow down on the updates for this site. There are too many stuff going on that I am finding it difficult to update several times a week. I have so...

Batu Caves...! 0

A & W and Batu Caves

The outing was not a planned one. It started off as another lunch outing to the A & W Drive-In at Lorong Sultan, PJ. This A & W outlet has been around for a...


Dropbox mystery solved

Two days back, I noticed a lot of my files on Dropbox went missing. I went on a “ranting” spree… Dropbox support actually reached out to me and shared that I could actually recover...