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Personal view on anything and everything…


YouTube ads

Long, long time ago, people starting watching more YouTube over conventional TV because YouTube was ad-free…


Political scene in Malaysia

I don’t like to talk about politics on my site… …maybe I will just share what I feel about the whole political situation in the country…


Almost bought the LG G6

The LG G6 is without a doubt, one impressive smartphone as I have shared earlier… However, the last straw that broke the camel’s back was when I found out today that…


Cinema booking fees

I just don’t get why some cinemas are charging “booking fee” when buying tickets online…


Courtesy on the road

No one seems to like to “say” THANK YOU anymore. Can at least raise our hand as a gesture of thanks, right?


US DoJ and Malaysian Official 1

Interesting headlines today, though not on local mainstream media: 1MDB scandal: US Department of Justice seeks recovery of over $1bn defrauded from Malaysian public.