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Goodbye HEX: The Shards of Fate

Sold my HEX: The Shards of Fate account today. I had backed the TCG (Trading Card Game) on Kickstarter as I found it to be very promising — Lots of game features and most...


Is the air grey or orange? – Michelle Wong

This is article in The Malaysian Insider. It’s written by a friend of mine – Michelle. Is the air grey or orange? – Michelle Wong I read with disbelief about the denial of...

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Back To The Future Day

Today is Back To The Future Day… Lot’s of organisations posted lots of “funny” stuff today. I like this Facebook post by the Michigan State Police: If you have to watched the trilogy, you...


Sprained back

Don’t know how I managed to do it… But it is hurting like… Heck. Never had such a bad sprained back before. *sigh*


Not a financially good year

This is not a good year for many Malaysians. GST came into effect in April this year at 6%. And now… Exchange rate of 4.3 against the USD. Very sure it was only about...


New Horizon probe – Pluto explorer

Sometime last month, the New Horizon probe made passed by Pluto. Anyway, check out these two interesting websites depicting the vastness of space in a very, very “fun” way. * *

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Mega Robot Fight is on!

Challenge accepted! The Challenge: Also see:


OnePlus 2 is coming soon

OnePlus 2 is coming soon. OnePlus is currently teasing everyone with bits of information about their next phone. You can check them out here:


Slowing down on the updates

I will have to slow down on the updates for this site. There are too many stuff going on that I am finding it difficult to update several times a week. I have so...