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Sprained back

Don’t know how I managed to do it… But it is hurting like… Heck. Never had such a bad sprained back before. *sigh*


Not a financially good year

This is not a good year for many Malaysians. GST came into effect in April this year at 6%. And now… Exchange rate of 4.3 against the USD. Very sure it was only about...


New Horizon probe – Pluto explorer

Sometime last month, the New Horizon probe made passed by Pluto. Anyway, check out these two interesting websites depicting the vastness of space in a very, very “fun” way. * *

Kurata & Megabot 0

Mega Robot Fight is on!

Challenge accepted! The Challenge: Also see:


OnePlus 2 is coming soon

OnePlus 2 is coming soon. OnePlus is currently teasing everyone with bits of information about their next phone. You can check them out here:


Slowing down on the updates

I will have to slow down on the updates for this site. There are too many stuff going on that I am finding it difficult to update several times a week. I have so...

Batu Caves...! 0

A & W and Batu Caves

The outing was not a planned one. It started off as another lunch outing to the A & W Drive-In at Lorong Sultan, PJ. This A & W outlet has been around for a...


Some of my Dropbox files are missing

Weird… Just noticed some of my files on Dropbox are missing. OK, “some” is an understatement. “A lot” is more like it. Wondering if Dropbox deleted my files… I have 50GB of space on...