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Courtesy on the road

No one seems to like to “say” THANK YOU anymore. Can at least raise our hand as a gesture of thanks, right?

Xiaoyi dashcam unboxed 0

XiaoYi dashcam: First impression

…There’s quite a bit to test out. I have been testing out the various resolutions and features on different days. Then there’s also trying to get a better understanding of the features…

Exora break-in 0

Car break-in

This happened over the Chinese New Year holidays last week: We were having lunch at a restaurant opposite Kelana Jaya LRT station. It was a regular work day, though many businesses around that area...

Car exhaust close-up 0

The car exhaust pipe

I was driving to work earlier this morning when I started to hear metal clanging sounds from back of the car. Found a good place to park my car and then went out to...

Flat tyre 0

Flat tyre

Not again… *sigh Dad: Ouch, there goes the tyre… Boy 1: Quick, quick… Call the tow truck Boy 2: Ya, call tow truck. They can help. Dad: OK… So, what’s the phone number? Boy...


Dear White 5055

Dear White 5055, It is 7th July 2015. It rained a bit this morning. It caused the roads to be wet and slippery. It caused people to be late for school and work. Your...


Saving Proton

In Malaysia, it is safe to say that everyone knows Proton. Proton is one of the two local car manufacturer, the other being Perodua. It is also “known” for churning out cars that needs...