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Dumpling at Gaia Veggie Shop, Hong Kong 0

Food in Hong Kong

Two nice vegetarian dishes I had at this place called Gaia Veggie Shop in Hong Kong…

Char Koay Teow SS3 0

Char koay teow

The koay teow is fried just nice — not too wet and not too dry. The colour is just nice and the koay teow is still in strips.

Banana Tic Tac 0

Tic Tac

Last week, I was in a convenience store near my office when I saw the Tic Tac displayed on the counter. I was immediately reminded of my childhood days. And yes, it’s been a...

Crane incident 0

Crane incident

Saw the crane arm broke right before my eyes today… Don’t look like anyone’s injured. But it’s scary because it could have potentially hit and/ or killed someone. Construction areas are becoming really dangerous...

Batman V Superman enhanced with Dolby Atmos invites 0

Batman V Superman: A Dolby Atmos experience

Got myself two invites to the Batman V Superman (enhanced with Dolby Atmos) screening, courtesy of GSC. Dolby Atmos is an audio technology by Dolby that enables immersive audio experience and allows up to...

Xiaoyi dashcam unboxed 0

XiaoYi dashcam: First impression

…There’s quite a bit to test out. I have been testing out the various resolutions and features on different days. Then there’s also trying to get a better understanding of the features…