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KL24: Zombies

In a few words, the movie is: funny, (slightly) scary, entertaining…


Samsung Galaxy Note 7 seems impressive

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is nearly the perfect phone for me… Except for the edge screen and the price (very sure this is going to touch RM3k in Malaysia). I’ve been a fan...


[video] Overwatch Cinematic Trailer

This trailer is impressive. I’m not really into FPS (First Person Shooter) games but this one looks great. I’m hoping they’ll make a movie or two, or better yet — give us a TV...


MAS in-flight spam

I know MAS is not making money. But I’m surprised they have to resort to such methods of earning extra revenue — Video spam. I encountered this back in December on my flight back...

Kurata & Megabot 0

Mega Robot Fight is on!

Challenge accepted! The Challenge: Also see: http://www.abc.net.au/news/2015-07-07/fighting-robots-face-off-after-japanese-firm-accepts-challenge/6600076