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The generous family

We were at Jusco Aeon Bukit Raja and getting ready to leave. The backache that started this morning was getting a bit unbearable for me. I walked over to the payment machine to pay...


Youtiao hand

I recently bought some youtiao from Malaysia’s Longest Pasar Malam (hint: Setia Alam). When I got home to enjoy the youtiao, I saw this:

Flat tyre 0

Flat tyre

Not again… *sigh Dad: Ouch, there goes the tyre… Boy 1: Quick, quick… Call the tow truck Boy 2: Ya, call tow truck. They can help. Dad: OK… So, what’s the phone number? Boy...


Dropbox mystery solved

Two days back, I noticed a lot of my files on Dropbox went missing. I went on a “ranting” spree… Dropbox support actually reached out to me and shared that I could actually recover...

My garden BEFORE DIY trimming 0

Adrian, the new grass cutter

For the last few weeks, I have been having issues trying to get my regular grass cutter (well, not really my regular, but the temporary guy who is covering for my regular grass cutter)...

The flat spare 0

The puncture

1. I had just left the office when I heard a sound coming from outside the car every few seconds. I suspected something was stuck to the car tyre so I made a stop...