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Garena Arena of Valor main screen 0

Garena Arena of Valor preview

I got invited to preview upcoming game called Arena of Valor (AoV). It’s not entirely a new game actually. It’s developed by Tencent and is called King of Glory (王者荣耀) in China.


[video] Overwatch Cinematic Trailer

This trailer is impressive. I’m not really into FPS (First Person Shooter) games but this one looks great. I’m hoping they’ll make a movie or two, or better yet — give us a TV...

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Hello Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft

Hearthstone anyone? I know it’s an old game. I think it’s more than 2 years old now. I had ignored this game earlier on since I had “invested” in Hex. But since I have...

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Goodbye HEX: The Shards of Fate

Sold my HEX: The Shards of Fate account today. I had backed the TCG (Trading Card Game) on Kickstarter as I found it to be very promising — Lots of game features and most...